Senin, 28 Februari 2011

Penelitian Pendahuluan Mengenai Status Hara Fosfor (P) pada Tanah Pertanian di Propinsi Maluku

Andriko Noto Susanto dan R. Agus Widodo

Prelimenary study on P distribution in Mollucas Province have been carried out in June 1998 through July 1999. Single and comosite soil were collected from 15 area of island groups I, III, V, VI and VIII. P status was determined by extraction in HCl 25% method. Concentration of<20mg P2O5/100gr soil was considered low status, while those with ranges of 20-40 mg P2O5/100 gr soil and >40 mg P2O5/100 gr soil were moderate and high status, respectively. Results showed that of 42 samples analyzed, 19 samples were considered having low P status (1.53-19.54 mg P2O5/100 gr soil) 12 samples having moderate P status (28.20-35.60 mg P2O5/100 gr soil) and 11 samples was high (42.20-674.82 mg P2O5/100 gr soil).

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